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Ok here's the scoop on the Horoscopes!

It looks like in order to make this work I'm going to need to record the video and upload it to the group to make sure you guys get to see it! Tomorrow morning I have a quiet house, so I will be recording then and uploading the video shortly after that.

If you want to get on the list and you aren't yet please comment below so I can add you. Here's who I have so far:

Darcy Panak

Stacey Hempfling

Jeannette Scroggins

Connie Jones

Christina Zuniga

Karolyn Ray (Karolyn please verify your sun sign in the comments below)

Amanda Hillsdale

Sheri Hubble

Diane Brewer

Unknown member
Mar 24, 2021

yes please place me on the list.



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