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The testimonials I have received from my clients truly mean the world to me and inspire me to continue providing top-notch readings. My clients have praised my ability to deliver useful and meaningful information in a straightforward and accessible way. They have also noted my caring and compassionate approach, which helps them feel comfortable during their readings. I am proud to provide a space where my clients can leave feeling empowered and with more insight into their lives.

Image by Federico Beccari

I met Melissa when I was invited to my friend's party. I had been open to having a reading done. I lost my dad in 2004 and wanted to connect with him so badly. I never met Melissa before, and I knew nothing about her.

When I first met her, she was friendly and easy to talk to. I liked that she didn't want to know anything about me. She would tell me what she needed to do without any information from me. When it was time for my Reading, I was amazed at her accuracy with the information she gave me.

She told me things that no one else would know. She connected with my dad and was able to tell me specific things about him. I left that party feeling more at peace and happy I could communicate with my dad. 

I talked to my friends and family about Melissa, and I decided to book my party. I had six people at my party. Everyone there hadn't met Melissa before, and after the party, everyone was surprised at how accurate Melissa was in her readings.

After my party, I stayed in contact with Melissa and would have readings done when I felt I needed one. I had a lot going on in my life, and I needed to make some significant changes, so I reached out to Melissa to help guide me on what path I should take in making the decisions and changes I needed to make.

I also did some Inter Child work with her. Two years ago, I had her do a 13-card tarot reading that she offers yearly for my mom and me. I have to tell you that she is spot on. I had her do another one for me this year.

I have used those readings to reflect and make the changes I needed to, and I am finally in the happiest place in my life that I have ever been to. I will continue to refer people to Melissa. She is honest, caring, and truly excellent at what she does.

Jeannette / Game Changer

Glennis Cannon, CA

This psychic lady has an uncanny ability to be so right, her readings are clear and concise, and her humor helps the medicine go down when the stars are not shining as brightly as one would hope. I have the utmost faith in the integrity and abilities of Melissa in all her endeavors, be it Horoscopes, Personal readings, or Group Learning. I highly recommend her services; she is one fantastic Heavy Metal Psychic lady. 

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