Readings and Services

13 Card Tarot Reading

only available Sept- Dec

Take control of your life with the 13 card tarot reading for the new year today!

*Do you feel lost?

*Are you struggling with indecisiveness?


 Have a sneak peek to your month by month forecast with the best planning tool for the year!

This Reading is emailed out to you, showing a card prediction for each month of the year.

We start in January all the way to December, with a 13th card that ties the year together.


Plan your vacations, personal, career, and financial goals, prepare for challenges, and make the most of your success!


No one should plan their year out without this Reading!!!! 

Mediumship Readings

One Hour:  $100

Half Hour:  $55

Your Spirit Guides and loved ones in spirit are your greatest allies.


Connect with them to provide answers to lifes confusing questions about: relationships, career money, health, and so much more. 


Some Psychic, Empath, and Sun Sign Astrology is included in this Reading.


1:1 Natal Chart Reading 

1 Hour 30 Mins $120

Full Reading based on your Astrological Natal Chart.  Understand how the planets' placements in your chart help define who you are and where you go from here.

Find out why you are the way you are and how to approach challenges in a different way in order to use them to your advantage. 

The session is an hour to an hour and a half in length.

Written Natal Chart Interpretation


Full Natal Chart Reading explaining the ENTIRE Natal Chart including an explanation of how the planets and houses influence your personality, the best career for you, who you are in relationships, and so much more!  10 - 20-page chart mailed or hand-delivered to you.

Inner Child Release

Using Mediumship and Meditation, identify early roots of negative mindsets in order to understand where your patterns come from, learn to embrace and release old thought patterns and begin a path to changed patterns for success.

Natal Chart Comparison/

Relationship Chart

One Hour Session: $100

Written Charts:  $135 

A comparison of two charts explaining the strengths, karmic ties, challenges, similarities, and soul-relationship of one or more individuals.  These readings are perfect for understand your relationship with your: partner, parents, children, friends, colleagues, etc.

Progressed Chart Reading

One Hour Session: $100

Written Charts:  $135 

Understanding the movement of the zodiac in your chart and the planet energy that is influencing you at this time.