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Do you feel stuck?

Do you find yourself searching for answers? 

Are you always wondering if something more exists?

Let me help you, friend.

My name is Melissa Bruce, and I am the Heavy Metal Psychic.


My mission in life is to help others connect to their spiritual gifts using the tools they were born with but do not yet understand.


I offer my services in mediumship, mentoring, and astrology. You can find a listing of my current offers in the menu tab above. 


My work has been featured in my local community with the 501 3C non-profit organization Successful Women of America and the Modesto Women's Expo located in Modesto, Ca.


On an international level, my work has been featured on Paramania Radio.  

Blogtalkradio, and Chat, It's Fate Magainzine








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The Heavy Metal Psychic

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into the real world.


I feel that what people love the most about working with me is that I try to bring Spirituality into the real world.  


We live in a world that sucks; negativity is everywhere, and Spirituality isn't meant to bring positivity to a negative situation, but it instead helps you learn from these situations.  


By learning from them, my clients have a deeper understanding of themselves that helps them continue to grow and move forward for the rest of their lives.  


I like to make this process fun so that most people want to do it instead of avoiding it.

Growing Up
I Felt a Calling.


I've seen Spirit since I was a child. As a child growing up in an abusive environment, my Spirit friends immensely helped me.


They comforted me and showed me that the situation would not last forever.  


As an adult, I chose to learn how to work with them, and in the process of learning, I saw the value in teaching others to work with their Guides and helping others be connected to them.  


When I saw how much easier it is to understand your path through Spirit, I found that everyone should have the chance to access the same information.




I love helping people connect with their loved ones in Spirit. 


There is nothing better than the feeling I get from others after they have felt their loved ones come through.


I have had the honor of knowing Melissa Bruce for some years now. She was my teacher, of which I must say a very good one. She has taught me Mediumship, and many other courses on a spiritual site! She is a very gifted Astrologer. From my experience with Melissa, she is gifted in many venues of Intuition. I was blessed to have had her share what she has learned,
and the friendship that has developed over the years


Raven Sagstetter / Psychic Medium / Seichim Reiki Master

I love Melissa Bruce! She is very insightful and had connected with quite a few of my loved ones in Spirit. Told me personal things they said to her; things I've never told anyone. My family and friends in spirit love her and communicate freely with her. I have her do a prediction of the coming year and they are always amazing. I love her astrology readings and I have enjoyed her radio program as well. She's funny, smart, and easy to talk to as well. She's no bullshit, and as a Taurus I really appreciate it. You can't go wrong getting a reading from Melissa. You will probably walk away with a better understanding of your life and your path, and you loved ones in spirit. 5 Star Medium in my book! 

Darcy Panak / Seichim Reiki Master

I have known Melissa for many years both online and in person. She is an amazing Psychic and Astrologist. Her readings for me have always been extremely accurate. 

More than that she is a wonderful person who works in total integrity and love.

I am proud to call her a friend.

Geoff Loneragan / Reiki Seichim Master 

I met Melissa when I was invited to a party my friend was having. I had been open to having a reading done. I lost my dad in 2004 and wanted so badly to connect with him.  I never met Melissa before and I knew nothing about her.

When I first met her she was very friendly and easy to talk to. I really liked that she didn't want to know anything about me she was going to tell me what she needed to without any information from me. When it was time for my reading I have to say I was amazed at how accurate she was with the information she gave me.

She told me things that no one else would know. She connected with my dad and was able to tell me specific things about him. I left that party feeling more at peace and happy I was able to connect with my dad.  

I talked to my friends and family about Melissa and I decided to book my own party. I had six people at my party everyone there hadn't met Melissa before and after the party, everyone was surprised how accurate Melissa was in her readings.

After my party, I stayed in contact with Melissa and I would have readings done when I felt I needed one. I had a lot going on in my life and I needed to make some major changes so I reached out to Melissa to help guide me on what path I should take in making the decisions and changes I needed to make.

I also did some Inter Child work with her. Two years ago I had her do a 13 card tarot reading that she offers every year for my mom and myself. I have to tell you that she is spot on. I had her do another one for me this year.

I can truly tell you that I have used those readings to really reflect and make the changes I needed to, and I am finally in the happiest place in my life that I have ever been to.  I will continue to refer people to Melissa she is honest, caring, and truly amazing at what she does.


Jeannette / Game Changer

I have had the privilege of receiving mini reads via Facebook and the 13card tarot readings for the last few years and I have to say, I have been blown away each time by the accuracy of what Melissa shared within these readings.

I have also taken part in a couple of classes that Melissa teaches. After listening to other people that did not have my best interests in mind, I decided to contact Melissa and started Mediumship level 2. I was gobsmacked by the accuracy of what I learned was exactly what I had been doing all along! I picked up some immensely helpful tips and now incorporate these into my daily/nightly life.


I would definitely recommend Melissa’s readings and classes! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, which might just be your lifeline. Thanks again for your wonderful service in the spirit world.


Diane Brewer

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